All HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) properties are required by law to have regular Fire Risk Assessments to establish:

  • the risk of fire occurring in the rental property and
  • the risk to people living in the rental property in the event of a fire.

A Fire Risk Assessment will also determine whether the existing precautions are adequate and what changes need to be made if they are not. The Fire Risk Assessment will be reviewed by the HMO Licensing Department of Aberdeen City Council and / or the Fire Service when inspecting the premises.


As part of a Fire Risk Assessment, training or instruction on fire safety measures should be given to all tenants along with an Emergency Fire Plan detailing what all residents or visitors to the property must do in the event of a fire.

At the Property Partnership, we offer a Fire Risk Assessment Service to all landlords. Please use our contact form to obtain further information on a Fire Risk Assessment for your rental property

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