Landlord Registration is a Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirement in Scotland for all private landlords to register their property with the appropriate local authority. Failure to register is a criminal offence and can lead to substantial fines or an order preventing you from renting the property. So this is a “must do”.

The aim of Landlord Registration is to ensure that all private landlords are “fit and proper” to be letting residential property and to help remove disreputable landlords from the letting market.

It is there to help protect not only the tenants but also their neighbours from the potential impact of antisocial behaviour and mismanagement of the rented property.
The simplest way to do this is on line at line at Here, you will also find everything that you need to know about what is required and how to make your registration.

At The Property Partnership, we will require your Landlord Registration Number when we take on your property for rental.

How long does registration last?

Registration lasts for a period of three years at which time the landlord has to re-register.

(Property Partnership Handy Hint – The Landlord Registration website is not the most intuitive to use. There is a section on the site that gives a list of all the information you will require to complete your registration. Your can find the information page here, just copy and paste this into your browser.
The best thing to do is to print this out and gather the required information before starting the application process. Also do it at one sitting. I have been told that sometimes if you part complete the process and try going back to it later, information can be lost and you’ll end up starting from scratch again.)


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